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#8119 May 17th-19th 2013 Pants On The Ground Naked Swinger's Regatta Weekend!

Posted by SeaLife842 on April 23 2013 - 06:11 PM

Count us in for May. Waters are finally warm and we have missed the gang! We expect to arrive Friday afternoon.
:3D-emonicon137: :3D-emonicon137:

#7853 November 9th-11th 2012 Naked Holiday Pre-Thanksgiving Sleep-Over Slumber Part...

Posted by SeaLife842 on October 24 2012 - 03:39 PM

Last week MISS RILEY invited us to a house party that they were invited to. We proudly represented the Bella Vita Boat Club with our presence. And our ladies even attempted pole dancing!!!!

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#7768 BONUS EXTRA PARTY! October 12th - 14TH 2012 Weekend After Columbus Day Re...

Posted by SeaLife842 on September 18 2012 - 05:02 PM

After 9 years of tyranny, the mates finally mounted a successful mutiny and compelled Frederick and Barbi walk the plank. As Elba was too far we have decided to banish and excommunicate the duo to the US We all hail our new and improved "Seaman Mel", a fearless captain who scares away rival pilfering ships with the roar of his bow generator. We say so long to the Bella Vita Boat Club and welcome the Melavita Boat Club. Should we be concerned with our new Helmsman? After all, what words start with MEL? Melancholy, Melanoma, and Melee. And just until last month, our new intrepid seafarer resembled a character from the old testament and not a swanky party promoter. But fear not my fellow aquanauts, Mel musically guided all boats into proper regatta formation, maintained taut anchors lines and labia and kept order among the ranks. Mel, you are taking on a monumental task, one that many would run from. For that we salute you.

#7467 July 13th-15th 2012 Naked Swinger's Regatta And Sleep-Over Slumber Party...

Posted by SeaLife842 on June 17 2012 - 10:53 AM

Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography. ~Robert Byrne

Count us in!

#7379 June 8th-10th 2012 Bikinis, Wienies & Martinis Naked Swinger's Regatt...

Posted by SeaLife842 on May 17 2012 - 03:58 PM

As we missed the last raft-up we are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. We plan on making it this June!

#7085 February 10th-12th 2012 Valentine's Full Moon Swinger's Regatta And S...

Posted by SeaLife842 on January 27 2012 - 06:40 PM

Sealife is planning on attending the pink panty party!!!! index.jpg

Let the Bela Vita raft-up begin........................

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#6730 October 7th-10th 2011 Join Us & 5,000 Boats At Columbus Day Weekend Party...

Posted by SeaLife842 on September 25 2011 - 07:27 PM

Hi Fredrick, Barbie and all our BellaVita friends.
We plan on arriving Friday afternoon and will leave Monday. However we are not going home :z-omg: :z-kidding: . We will slowly :naut003: cruise through the Keys arriving at Key West for Fantasy Fest week :woohoo: . We will be at the Conch Harbor Marina. We expect to be back in Fort Lauderdale 11/2.
At the Columbus Day Regatta be prepared for Mardi Gras, on steroids, on the water! Naked debauchery everywhere. :smilelick: It's a beautiful thing! :boobiesbounce2:
It doesn't have to be a BellaVita event for Fredrick and Barbie to make it special :z-as-if: . They put lots of effort into making every party super sexy and fun. :yahoo:
We look forward to seeing all you BellaVita crazies. :thumbsup:
Frank and Lee :animated-missionary:
"Headhunter" :animated-blowjob:

:boobies4: :boobies3: :boobies1:

This is bullshit Frank! 1) you think you can stroll on in with your fancy new boat 2) stay a few days for the regatta 3) then mosy your way down the keys to fantasy fest with sexy Lee. All the while my ass is in the courthouse trying to earn a dollar. I am so jealous!!!!

Love ya,


#6692 EXTRA PARTY! September 30th - October 2nd 2011 Weekend Before Columbus Da...

Posted by SeaLife842 on September 16 2011 - 01:23 PM

We are showing up in our 27' cabin cruiser at 5ish and will be staying Friday till about 10ish...but on Saturday we'll be back there very early in the morning and spend the day/night with everyone. We're rookies so any heads up as to what we can bring and do would be appreciated. We love Bella Vita from what we've seen online and want to contribute in any way we can!!!!

Thank you for asking what you can "bring or do". As first-timers, it is customary as part of the initiation process to perform the following below-mentioned tasks :
1. Prepare and serve lobsters (over 3 lbs each) to our boat between 7pm and 8pm on Friday evening and filet mignon with rice on saturday during same time frame; and
2. Please make sure you keep your boat radio on so we can contact you when our drinks need a little refreshing; and
3. Send your beautiful wife over in a sexy teddy.

We are glad you asked..... welcome to the club!