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January 30 2012 - 10:59 PM

We want to confirm our attendance to this months fabulous bella vita event! We look forward to celebrating our 5 year anniversary of our FIRST ever meeting at the BVR.( At the BVR Circa Feb. 2007) We sat on the back of a HUGE vessel , sharing whatever blankets/towels were available, I remember it being quite "nipply". I think the only "exposure" was our hands, specifically our "erect" thumbs as we played thumb wars and laughed and snuggled. We couldn't take our eyes off each other. The rest of the story is history, many of you have watched us fall in love, and shared your love with us, and we are thankful. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new.

Mr. and Mrs. Pinko, officially 12/27/11

As we all know family comes first, We will not be able to attend Barbie Boat Party. Next time!!!

In Topic: September 9th-11th 2011 Naked Swinger's Regatta And Sleep-Over Slumber Pa...

September 06 2011 - 05:51 AM

sdc3.bmp We are looking to attend this months Naughty School Girl Bella Vita Raft-up. :3D-emonicon011: We will be joining the fun on Saturday morn via our I man power rowing yacht built for two. :naut003: We have confirmed a place to bed our naughty school girls. :threesome: As all ways, never wanting to leave on Sunday! :mmparty: Cum join us for the greatest time possible on the water!!!

In Topic: July 15th-17th 2011 Naked Swinger's Regatta And Sleep-Over Slumber Party...

July 14 2011 - 08:52 PM

It has been waaaay toooooo loooooong since we have been able to attend Barbi's naked regatta! We plan to paddle our way out Saturday and join the naked fun. Oh the wonderful naked memories of parties from the past! I think I'm blushing.. We met in February 2007 at one of Barbi's naked regattas, and have been together ever since! We love, love, love, being naked, boating, water, sun, sex, sunscreen, barbi, sex, sun, barbi, sex, sun, barbi, sex, sun.. So be watching for us swashbuckling right on in to the greatest place to be Saturday..Temptation Island! Can't wait to spank the birthday girl!
Jason and Leia