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In Topic: May 5th 2007 Naked Swinger's Regatta And Sleep-Over Slumber Party Weekend...

April 22 2007 - 12:11 AM

Barbie and Frederick:
Your names in Spanish do you more justice than in the English translation!

Barbara (meaning: Fantastic) and
Frederick (Federico, literally meaning: Delicious Fede)
:bow: !!

We had such a super time at the April regatta, so when we get back to Miami hopefully in July, we will be super excited to join up with all of you and your crew - the greatest, sexiest of South Florida!
Have a Fantastic Fiesta!

dani & ale

In Topic: April 14th 2007 Naked Swinger's Regatta And Sleep-Over Slumber Party Week...

April 12 2007 - 11:19 AM

Even as we post, looking out over the Atlantic and watching the rain pour and the lightening strike, we are still point-positive excited that this weekend will turn out to be the hottest and brightest in the Bella Vita regatta's lengthy and illustrious history!
We are onboard with Adam of BuiltOnDreams-fame,
so we know we will be in expert hands on deck and off :z-yourock:
Cannot wait to experience the fantasy-driven fun that so many have raved about here in the forums, and through the grapevine (actually. on the sands of Haulover mingling from towel to towel)!

Look for us, we will certainly be with our eyes and all our senses wide open.
Viva la dolce vita!
Che vediamo domani!

In Topic: April 14th 2007 Naked Swinger's Regatta And Sleep-Over Slumber Party Week...

March 27 2007 - 05:58 PM

Hola, Previet, Hello, and Ciao to all!

We have the same kind of situation as the Florence couple, coming from abroad we need to jump aboard as crewmembers and mates!

Ale is heading over from Italy and I (dani) am flying up from Argentina, and are thrilled to see that we will be in Miami for the upcoming regatta! (In Miami from 8 - 23 April).

We missed the marvelous maritime madness last time we were in Miami and do not want to keep away from all the sexy wet-n-wild possibilities for fun this time around.

Unsure of the exact logistics concerning shuttling, sleep-overs and such (have to study up on this), we just know we are eager to pitch in -in every and all ways conceivable- and add to the already great atmosphere that seems to swell up over and over again like a wave that keeps growing!

So, if anyone has room onboard to help get us warmed up after a cold Russian and European winter, please count us in!

We are always alesdanie
<<<on sdc and of course on bellavita!>>>

(I think we would be number 23 on the list, which is our lucky number!)

.'..'. ><((((>

In Topic: October 6th TOTALLY NAKED Boating Regatta at Columbus Day Regatta!

October 05 2006 - 12:30 AM

We have been following this site for some time, and decided that it was time to join in what seems an awesome and exciting experience with a bunch of gorgeous people.

We don't live in Miami ---for the moment--- (Ale is working in Moscow brrrrr and I am down in Buenos Aires) and since neither of us could make it all the way over by boat, we are in a fix, or a jam, or a bind. We don't have a boat nor even a raft!

But, we cook a mean pasta, we have good taste in Argentine and Italian wines, can and will pitch in in every way necessary, and even desired, so if you think you might want to be pampered during this Columbus Day Regatta, and want some pretty good company along, we are happy to oblige!

Contact us here or at the email below, and we hope to be able to write about our "first regatta" in the next forum topic!

ale and dani