Temptation Island
All Swinger's For...
Temptation Island!

All Together for The Wildest Boating Raft-Up Sandbar Party Ever!

This is ALL about "The PARTY" Baby!!!

Swinger's Boating Regatta & You're Invited!

Temptation Island Swinger's Regatta

Saturday March 4th at 12:00 Noon thru Sunday!

For Pictures Of The Last Regatta, Click Here

Thank you very much
for your interest in our Sexy Party Club FREE Boating Regatta.  If you've seen the pictures from past regattas then you know this is an event not to be misses.  This is a very fun weekend of fun in the sun, eating, drinking, dancing and naked playing.

Who Is Cumming:
Sometimes we have a small handful of boats and sometimes we have over 40-50 boats joining us with an average of 6 people per boat making it a weekend party with hundreds of sexy, fun party people.  All the  boats raft up tied close together forming a big circle over a shallow sandbar 3 feet or so, or up close to a private island beach which gives us a nice private party place with everyone dancing & having fun in the middle of the circle or hopping from boat to boat.

The Itinerary:

Friday night before the regatta for those of you coming in from out of town, we usually meet at a local swing club.  If you don't have a boat but still want to join the party, this is a good place to meet up with us so we can send a shuttle boat to pick you up at the marina and bring you out to the party.

Saturday afternoon 12:00 noon is our Boating Regatta. We will be leaving Haulover Marina (address and directions are below) at noon so arrive early enough (about 11:00) to get your boat in the water or if you are riding on someone else's boat, get there in time to find them and get on their boat. Sexy Party Club will be monitoring VHF Channel 72 so keep your radios tuned there so we can keep you updated or answer any questions you have.

Captain's Meeting: All the boat owners are encouraged to meet at Haulover Marina at 11:30 to discuss any last minute items involving the weather and if we need a change of destination to be assured of calm water.

Sunday afternoon - The party continues all day Sunday so for those with cabin cruiser boats with sleeping accommodations, you'll want to stay over night, when the sun goes down and things really begin to heat up!

Those of you with day boats, can either stay overnight on cabin boats with friends that you met at the party or camp overnight on your day boat, or ride back in to the marina and come back again on Sunday for more fun.  Those of you that are coming from out of town and need a hotel, then we recommend the RoofTopBeachHouse.com.  It's swinger friendly, clothing optional and only a few miles from Haulover Marina.  Tell them you're from the swinger's boating regatta.

Regatta Destination:
During the warmer summer months, when swimming is possible with nice warm water, we like to go to nice blue water locations, but since the water will still be too cold for swimming, we will go to a special secluded island in the Intracoastal that gives us total privacy.... we call this island, "Temptation Island".

Any suggestions would be very welcome.  Those of you wanting to suggest going to Elliott Key, we have that planned for when the water warms up so we can enjoy swimming in the water since that is a 2 ½ hour drive to get there by boat, going 20 mph you can look forward to that this summer.

The Drive:
We will be leaving from Haulover Marina in North Miami Beach. (directions to marina are at bottom of page) They have lots of boat ramps with car and trailer parking, but late arrivers will need to park in the far south lot and hike back to the ramps. 



Eats & Drinks:
In the summer regattas, we have
a large BBQ grill cooking BBQ chicken, hamburgers & hotdogs and side dishes for everyone.  This regatta each boat will bring their own food and drinks for all its passengers.  Everyone often takes food to the bigger boats where we all share and enjoy together.

How To Be A Welcome Passenger if you're riding on someone else's boat:
1- Bring your own alcohol
2- Pack light and bring your own towel.
3- Ask the captain if there is anything you can bring.
4- Offer to help contribute to any of the captain's expenses.

5- If a boat captain is expecting you, then be sure to show up otherwise he could have invited other passengers that wanted to go.
6- Be on time when meeting your boat captain.
7- Wear soft soled shoes, tenn
is or boat shoes are perfect.

While we consider so many of our friends in the swing world part of our family, please keep in mind that this is not a family church picnic and is adult’s only so please don’t bring any minors with you or you will not be allowed to anchor with the group and we will tattoo “Goof-Ball” on your forehead <laugh>.

If you know anyone with a boat that you’d like to invite, please forward this page to them.

If you have any questions, or if you'd like a confirm your attendance and need a map to Temptation Island then email Barbi at BlondeFlasher@aol.com

Single Guys:  A limited number of Select single guys will be invited. If you're a single guy and you would like to join us, please email your request including a photo to Barbi at BlondeFlasher@aol.com

Directions to Haulover Marina:

Haulover Marine Center

(305) 945-3934

15000 Collins Ave
Bal Harbour, FL 33154

From Fort Lauderdale, go south on I-95 to highway 826. Go east 5 miles to A1A, go south 1/2 mile to "Haulover Marine Beach Parking" signs on right.  Pay $4.50 to park all day for cars and $8.00 if you have a car towing a trailer with a boat.

Local Hotel:

I recommend staying at the http://RoofTopBeachHouse.com hotel.  It is very swinger friendly and is completely clothing optional with a roof top pool and everything.
954-925-0301 or Toll-Free at 1-800-647-5426