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  • If You Have No Boat, Then Say, "I Don't Have A Boat". But If You Do Have A boat, Then Describe YOUR Boat In Detail Here. How big? What Brand, Model & Type? How Many Can It Sleep? Air Conditioned? If YOU Have A Boat, Brag About It
  • I Don't Own A Boat Paddle Board, Kayak or Canoe Jet Ski or Wave Runner Day Boat, (no cabin) Day Sailer, (sailboat no cabin) Sailboat With Cabin Cuddy Cabin Cabin Cruiser 24'-30' Cabin Cruiser 31'-38' Cruising Yacht 39'-45' Luxury Yacht 46'-55' Serious Party Yacht 56'-75' Big Bodacious Yacht 76'-99' Mega Yacht OVER 100'+
    YOU MUST SELECT ONE: What kind of boat will you be coming to the regatta in?
  • Nice And Large (just how the girls like em'), Nice But Small (hey, it does the job lol), "Walkable" but A Little Obstructed, "Walkable" with Outboard Engines, Difficult To Walk Across, Cannot Walk Across, My Boat Has No Dive Platform, I Have No Boat, So No Dive Platform,
    YOU MUST SELECT ONE: This MUST Match The Answer You Gave Above Regarding What Kind Of Boat You Have. Please select the dive platform that best describes what you have on your boat. This information is important when determining the raft-up order of

  • If You Don't Have A Boat, then tell why someone should host you on their boat. Are you bringing several super hot Playboy models? Are you a hot female nymphomaniac? Are You Donating $100 or more towards expenses to your hose boat captain?
  • Food Alcohol Hot Playful Female Fun Couple Will Help Cook & Clean Up Contribute Towards Fuel Expenses I Will Donate $100 To My Host Boat I Will Donate $150 To My Host Boat I Will Donate $200 To My Host Boat I Will Donate $300 To My Host Boat I Will Donate $400 To My Host Boat I Will Donate $500 To My Host Boat I Have A Boat So Don't Need Someone To Host Me.
    CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: If You Don't Have A Boat, then tell what you will donate to the captain of a boat that will host you on their boat to contribute to their fuel & expenses. Alcohol? Money? Both? Be specific if you want to get hosted. CHE

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